MTP/MPO Cabling Solution
MTP/MPO High Density components

MTP/MPO Module box(LGX)

High-density, modular design module box, internal Pre-connect, Plug and Play, to meet the data center rapid deployment needs to provide MTP/MPO and standard interface between the conversion (LC, SC, etc.) can be installed in the matching 1U wiring box.

MTP/MPO Fan-Out Component

For high-density, high-performance, fast-installed environments that can be connected to LC, SC, ST and MT Interface standards to reduce the need for box, wiring space.

MTP/MPO Optical Patch Cord

MTP/MPO Connector can provide up to 12 times times the density of standard connectors, using 4-core, 8-core, 12-core and other ribbon cable, greatly saving room space and deployment costs

                         10G SFP+


                SFP+ fiber optic modules are hot
         swappable independent of The optical
         transceiver of the communication protocol
         usually the wavelength of the transmitted 
         light is 850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm for
        10Gbps SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, gigabit

                      40G  QSFP+


                 QSFP+ was born to meet the
         market's need for higher-density, high-
         speed pluggable solutions with a 4-channel
         pluggable interface with a transfer rate
         of 40Gbps. Many of the key technologies
         matured in XFP are applied to this design

                Active Optical Cable


               Active optical cable is composed of
        integrated optoelectronic devices, used
        for data center, high performance 
        calculator, large capacity memory and
        other equipment for high speed,high
        reliability interconnection transmission
        equipment.Through the internal optical
       electrical optical conversion, so that the
       cable data transmission.

High-Density 10G Fiber Cabling Solution