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MTP/MPO Cabling Solution - MTP Harnesses Cables

MTP Harnesses Cables



The single-mode and multimode MPO products are multi fiber connectors used in high -density backplane and Printed Circuit Board(PCB) applications in data and telecommunications system. The MPO connector offers up to12 times the density of standard connectors,providing significant space and cost savings.
MPO patch cord utilize precision molded MT ferrules, with metal guide pins and precise housing dimensions
to ensure fiber alignment when mating. The MPO can be mass terminated in combination of 4, 8, 12 or 24
MTP/MPO multi-fiber trunk cables are usually in mini-round cables and ribbon cables, with fanout kits broken down into 2~24 fiber 0. 9mm or 2.0mm tails with connector LC, SC, ST, FC, etc. Cable total length, fanout length, connector type are customized .


●  Asynchronous Transmission Mode(ATM)
●  Gigabit Ethernet
●  Active Deviced/Transceiver Interface
●  CATV, Video and Multimedia
●  Premise Installations
●  Telecommunication Networks
●  Parallel optical interconnect between PC Cards and patch panels
●  Interconnection for O/E modules
●  Industrial & Military
●  Optical Switch interframe connections


●  Precision molded M  ferrule
●  High precision guide pins for exact alignment
●  Compact design , up to 4, 8, 12, 24 fibers
●  IEC 61754-7 Compliant
●  Telcordia GR-1435-CORE Compliant

MTP_Harnesses_cables_en Specification PDF file(external link)


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