MTP/MPO Cabling Solution

MTP/MPO Cabling Solution - MTP-MTP Patch Cord

MTP-MTP Patch Cord


MTP (Mechanical Transfer Pull Off) is USCONEC's trade name for their own superior style of MPO connector. The MTP® connector is a high performance MPO connector with multiple engineered product enhancements to improve optical and mechanical performance when compared to generic MPO connectors.The MTP® connector is in complete compliance with all MPO connector standards in cluding the EIA/TIA-604-5 and the IEC-61754-7.
MTP® patch cord utilize precision molded MT ferrules, with metal guide pins and precise housing dimensions to ensure fiber alignment when mating. The MTP® can be mass terminated in combination of 4,8, 12 or24 fibers.


●  Asynchronous Transmission Mode(ATM)
●  Gigabit Ethernet
●  Active Deviced/Transceiver Interface
●  CATV, Video and Multimedia
●  Premise Installations
●  Telecommunication Networks
●  Parallel optical interconnect between PC Cards and patch panels
●  Interconnection for O/E modules
●  Industrial & Military
●  Optical Switch interframe connections


●  Precision molded MT ferrule
●  High precision guide pins for exact alignment
●  Compa ctdesign , up to 4, 8, 12, 24 fibers
●  IEC 61754-7 Compliant
●  EIA/TIA-604-5 Compliant

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