MTP/MPO Cabling Solution

MTP/MPO Cabling Solution - MPX3L

Sliding Patch Panel



This innovative, robust, 1U sliding panel with a smoked plexi glass hinged front door, has been designed to accept up to 3 LGX style assemblies.
With the ability to use a full array of adaptor types, this panel offers a flexible solution to the end user, enabling them to incorporate a multi functional chassis that allows easy access during installation or rework with no disturbance of the existing cable or fibers.
In the addition to the array of adaptors the panel also offers multiple cable entry solutions, MPO/MTP trunk cables connected to 3 individual MPO/MTP cassettes with up to 24 fibers in each, loose tube cable to be spliced into standard splice cassettes to allow standard splicing or pre terminated solutions, making this panel one of the most flexible on the market.


● 1U 19" rack mountable, Color black.
● Sliding tray for ease of in stallation.
● Up to 3x 24 fiber MPO/M TP cassettes.
● Splicing option available.Up to 3LGX components in 1U.
● Side patch cord exit,hinged front plexi glass door.
● Color:Black
● Splice Tray is made of molded plastic.
● Layered structure, easy to operate.
● The capacity of splice tray for 12 fibers.
● Reel has two using ways,one is semicircle.
● The other is round fight, small and simple.
● Adapter panel is made of steel plate.
● Flexible configuration, installation fast.
● Simplex/duplex adapter can be install,it depends on fiber quantity.
● Pull buckle fixed, installation LC, SC, MTP/MPO adapter.
● Materia: SPCC(cold rolled steel sheet)
● Accepts loose tube,distribution cable and MTP/MPO trunk cable,removable top cover.


● Indoor applications.
● Ethernet, Fiber Channel , ATM , LAN and WAN .
● Data communication and telecommunication networks.
● Data centers, premise installations.

MPX3L PDF file(external link)


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