MTP/MPO Cabling Solution

MTP/MPO Cabling Solution - MP5

Ultrahigh Density MTP  Patch Panel 





Ultrahigh Density Panel is specially designed to accommodate high density cabling in high end Data Centre and Telecommunication central office environment. The shallow depth of Ultrahigh Density Panel makes it suitable for low depth copper racking systems or Telecommunications ODFs.MTP Panel contains factory controlled and tested Modules can be installed in it. MTP – LC assembly to deliver optical performance and reliability.


● 19"rack mount, the panel is made of cold rolled steel sheet and module is made of plastic.                           ● Easy installation: Module can be installed.                                                                                                        ● Unique tool-free installation design for easy and fast assembly and installation.                                               ● Patch panel adopts three layer design method, each layer can hold 4 modules .                                             ● 1U patch panel capacity come up to 96F fully loaded with 8 modules. 2U comes up to 288F with 24 modules,    3U comes up to 432F with 36 modules and 4U can meet 576F fully loaded with 48 modules.                           ● Factory pre- terminated and tested.                                                                                                                 ● Patch panel design guide rail and easy pull out .                                                                                             ●Cable and module is compliant with EIA/TIA568 C.3,MTP cable is compliant with IEC-61754-7 and TIA- 604-5     (FOCIS5).

 MP5en Specification PDF file(external link)


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