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New Type Info Panel -- Fiber Optic & Copper Network

Nowadays, more and more people turn to choose high grade goods to decorate their home to have a comfortable and convenient life. Although the power switch/socket or info panel is not the main decorate materials, as one of the few exposed products in the room, except for its style, color or some other appearances, people has more requirements on its function and safety. Especially in this information age, FTTH solution is highly promoted in more and more cities, and it not only has higher requirements on cables, but also on connectors and info panel. 

Among lots of this kind’s info panel, how should we choose the suitable one easily?

As a supplier of Fiber Optic Cabling Products, SHKE Communication pushed a new type of info panel - 86 type Multifunctional Info Panel INP2, which is helpful in home and public decoration.


Matching highly

International 86 type design can match perfect with other socket plate, in addition, elegant piano paint process which highlights a more perfect works of art of the distinguished status.

Two functions-Network & Fiber Optic interface
This info panel has a module design, and the module can be changed according to different requirement so that the interface can be changed. What’s more, it can meet two different applications - RJ45 and SC/LC at the same time makes the interface layout more concise.

Security, More reasonable access of fiber optic patch cord

Embedded and tilted design of the fiber optic module makes the patch cord accessing more reasonable, has a  better protection to connector, avoids cable damage while people walking and touching. It is very important to decoration, if the connector or cable is damaged because of carelessness that will not be very worthwhile.

Unique design, easier installing

There is a unique fiber storage design in the back of this info panel, fusion and installing can be done directly in its back, so it is unnecessary to customize a back box that the back box losing or wrong installing will never happen.

In a word, it "be pretty and intelligent", has been improved very well not only in appearance, but also in terms of function and protection, either home decoration or office renovation it would be a good choice for fiber to the home.