Manholes - Composite-Manhole-Cover

Composite Manhole Cover


Made of FRP and SMC Materials, adopt flip structure, easily open and close, light weight and extremely durable, can be used in many service station, commercial, and industrial driveway applications. It is available in different sizes and suitable for the same applications of products made of traditional materials with equivalent or high performance.


Street lamp well, fire control well, all kinds of valve well

City water, drainage pipeline well , Heat supplied, gas well

As cover board for anti-corrosion project, open ditch

Electric power pipeling well

Post, telecommunication, communication pipeline well


Long service life(min 30 years)

Slip-resistant tread pattern , Easy removal and replacement

Water-resistant models available, can be made according to customers requirements

Comes with special locks, has a good anti-theft feature

Strictly manufacture according to ISO9001:2000 and BS-EN124

All the materials adopted comply with requirements for environmental protection, without any pollution to be produced to environment

Composite-Manhole-Cover(EN) Specification PDF file(external link)